Native Apple Silicon Support for Synthesizer V Studio

Starting from 1.5.1, the macOS versions of Synthesizer V Studio are available in the universal binary format, which includes native Apple Silicon support. 

On processors such as Apple M1, version 1.5.1 archives a staggering rendering speed of 300% against the previous versions which run through the Rosetta 2 compatibility layer on the same hardware. To put this into some context, the demo song “Stir Crazy” for Synthesizer V AI Kevin can be rendered in 10 seconds.

Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.5.1 also works as VST3/Audio Unit plugins on DAWs with universal binary plugin support.


Note: this is a macOS-only update.


See below for detailed release notes.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.5.1(Feb 22, 2022)


Bug fixes

File: .svp file association does not work on macOS.

Plugin: some key presses on the plugin got leaked into the DAW on macOS.