Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0 Final Update

Dreamtonics releases Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0 following the successful launch of 1.8.0 beta.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0 finalizes the beta released two weeks ago (see beta release notes). The 1.8.0 update ushers in a major evolution of the synthesis engine – high speed Diffusion Probabilistic Models (DPM) based singing synthesis technology. This is in addition to several exciting new features, improvements and bug fixes.


Version 1.8.0 also introduces MIDI keyboard and metronome support, and Cross-lingual Synthesis feature gets updated to support note-level specification of the language.


You can access the updates through the License and Updates panel inside Synthesizer V Studio.


Voice Updates

The following voices will support DPM by upgrading to the versions listed.


Dreamtonics An Xiao v104, Feng Yi v104, Kevin v107, Mo Chen v104, Natalie v103, Ryo AI v108, Saki AI v124, Qing Su v112, Weina v104, Yuma v102
AHS Koharu Rikka AI v122, Natsuki Karin AI v106, Hanakuma Chifuyu AI v102, Tsurumaki Maki AI (JPN) v114, Tsurumaki Maki AI (ENG) v107, Kyomachi Seika AI v108, Tsuina-Chan AI v108
Eclipsed Sounds SOLARIA v108
Quadimension MEDIUM5 Stardust v106
Animen Eleanor Forte AI v108



See the full release notes below.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.0 (Nov 24, 2022)


New Features

  • Synthesizer V Engine: support for voices based on Diffusion Probabilistic Models (DPM).
  • MIDI: support for real-time MIDI input. (MIDI keyboard required, Pro version only)
  • MIDI: support for MIDI Machine Control (play, stop, record, fast-forward, fast-rewind). (Pro version only)
  • Piano roll: add metronome. (Pro version only)
  • Note Properties Panel: add note-level cross-lingual synthesis. (Pro version only)
  • Modify menu: add “Smart Quantization” feature.



  • GUI: updated dialog designs.
  • Piano roll: adjusted note dragging behavior to prevent misclicks.
  • AI Retakes: UI adjustments for AI Retakes Expressiveness slider.
  • File: the default name for “Save As…” has been changed to the project name.
  • Synthesizer V Engine: improved the effectiveness of Phoneme Strength parameter on DPM voices. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • MIDI: changed to accept MIDI input through plugins. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • Rendering: show an alert message when exporting tracks with conflicting names. (Update from 1.8.0b1)


Bug Fix

  • File: fixed corrupted lyrics when loading a MIDI file with unicode lyrics.
  • Auto-Process: fixed crashes when switching projects before Instant Mode finishes processing.
  • Synthesizer V Engine: fixed a bug where the voice is not completely muted when Loudness parameter is set to the minimum.
  • AI Retakes Panel: fixed rounding issues with the display of expressiveness. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • MIDI: fixed a bug where holding a key on a MIDI keyboard and unfocusing the window causes the note to be on forever. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • Lyrics Processing: fixed crashes when switching voice databases in a project with certain lyrics. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • Plugin: fixed a recurring bug that leaked key events to the DAW in Logic Pro and Garageband. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • File: fixed a bug during saving/exporting, where part of the filename is misidentified as a file extension when the filename contains dots. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • File: fixed crashes when non-S5P/SVP files are selected in the “Open” dialog. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • GUI: fixed a bug that the application gets stuck in the minimized state after minimizing the window during product activation. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • GUI: fixed a bug where dialogs sometimes pop up behind the main window. (Update from 1.8.0b1)
  • GUI: fixed a bug where the side panel launcher bar disappears when too many side panels are open. (Update from 1.8.0b1)



  • Removed the support for 32-bit Windows.