Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0 Final Update

Dreamtonics releases Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0, progressing from the beta versions initiated in November 2023.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0 is the final release succeeding the beta versions. It consolidates the enhancements and bug fixes to features introduced during the beta stage. Importantly, we have stabilized the support for Deep ARA Integration and ARA Bridge mode, which have received design improvements throughout the beta iterations. Moreover, the Voice-to-MIDI conversion feature, initially launched in the first beta and subsequently refined, is now officially part of the stable release, offering users a streamlined workflow for transcribing recorded vocals into notes and lyrics.


Other significant changes since version 1.10.0 include:

  • Spanish support for Synthesizer V Engine.
  • A Recenter View Button added to the piano roll that gives a shortcut to the nearest note/note group when all contents are outside of the display range.
  • Improvements to the visual design of the note group labels.
  • A delete button for unused Vocal Mode items added to the Parameter Panel’s drop down menu.


For details about the new features, please refer to 1.11.0b1, 1.11.0b2 and 1.11.0b3 and beta release notes.


This final update also addresses bugs discovered in the beta versions and prior stable releases. Importantly, we resolved several cases of crashes and data loss encountered with the use of both ARA and non-ARA plugins. We have also fixed display issues on the recently released macOS Sonoma versions 14.3 and 14.4.


You can access the updates for Synthesizer V Studio and voice databases through the License and Updates panel inside Synthesizer V Studio.


Documentation Updates


Detailed instructions for setting up Synthesizer V Studio ARA plugin, covering both full ARA mode and bridge mode, have been migrated to our newly updated user manual.


The phoneme reference tables have also been updated to include Spanish phonemes introduced with the 1.11.0 update.


Voice Updates for Spanish Support


Spanish cross-lingual synthesis feature has been introduced during the beta stage of version 1.11.0. In this stable release, the support has been extended to more voice databases. To fully utilize the new capabilities, please update the Synthesizer V Studio editor first and then the voice database to their latest versions. The updated voice databases are:


Dreamtonics An Xiao, Ayame, Eri, Cheng Xiao, Cong Zheng, D-Lin, Feng Yi, Kevin, Hayden, Jin, Lin Lai, Mai, Mo Chen, Natalie, Ninezero, Sheena, Qing Su, Ritchy, Ryo AI, Saki AI, Weina, Wei Shu, Xuan Yu, Yi Xi, Yuma, Yun Quan
Animen Eleanor Forte AI
AHS Tsurumaki Maki AI (Japanese), Tsurumaki Maki AI (English), Kyomachi Seika AI, Tsuina Chan AI, Kasane Teto AI, Haruno Sora AI, Koharu Rikka AI, Natsuki Karin AI, Hanakuma Chifuyu AI
Bushiroad Music POPY AI, ROSE AI
E-Capsule Oscar, Xia Yu Yao
Quadimension MEDIUM5·Stardust, MEDIUM5·Minus


See below for detailed release notes.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0 (Apr 4, 2024)


New Features


  • Plugin: new ARA plugins (only for Pro edition)
    • Deep ARA integration for Cubase, Studio One and Reaper (VST only)
    • Deep ARA integration for Cakewalk and ABILITY (Update from 1.11.0b1)
    • ARA Bridge for other DAWs with ARA 2 support
  • Auto-Process: added Voice-to-MIDI conversion on audio groups (only for Pro edition).
  • Synthesizer V Engine: added Spanish support.
  • Piano Roll: added a button to recenter the view to the nearest note/note group when all contents are outside of the display range (Update from 1.11.0b2).


Feature Enhancements


  • Arrangement: allow resizing a note group (including audio groups) from both ends.
  • Parameter Panel: added a delete button for unused Vocal Mode items in the menu.
  • Linguistics: updated the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation dictionary.
  • Linguistics: improved Spanish phoneme conversion (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Auto-Process: improved Voice-to-MIDI conversion: faster, more accurate and more robust against noises (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Piano Roll: improved the UI/UX for working with note groups (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: implemented a workaround to REAPER’s behavior of resetting plugin data when the plugin is first removed and then undone (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Piano Roll: improved the visual design of note group labels (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Piano Roll: allow direct resizing of the note groups by dragging the left and right borders after entering the group (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Arrangement: name the duplicated tracks with a “- copy” suffix (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • File: offer the option to auto-cleanup all imported file formats in the presence of overlapping notes where previously only MIDI was supported (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • File: in the “Discard unsaved changes?” dialog that shows when exiting or opening a new project, present an option to save the current project (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • GUI: added support for Control + Click for right-clicking on macOS (Update from 1.11.0b3).


Behavior Changes


  • Plugin: show a confirmation dialog when existing data saved inside the host is going to be discarded before switching to an external project file; when the external project file is placed inside the recovery folder, always save the loaded data inside the host to prevent data loss (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Installation: do not remove settings, scripts and translation files when uninstalling the software so the Basic and Pro editions can safely coexist on the same Windows system (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Installation: added community-contributed translation files to the macOS installer (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Render Panel: open the file chooser when the output directory is not set (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: Synthesizer V Studio Plugin now notifies the host of modifications made within the plugin so users will be alerted when attempting to close the host without saving (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: under “Save to External File” mode, prevent the plugin from saving the project to a path that is already used by another plugin instance (Update from 1.11.0b3).


Bug Fixes


  • Linguistics: fixed another case of phoneme conversion error on Japanese notes with a sole “っ” in the lyrics.
  • GUI: fixed displacement of tempo marks in the presence of time signature changes (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Arrangement: fixed crashes when dragging a note group to another track (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed a bug where the plugin does not remember the window size after closing and reopening the editor in some DAWs (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed timing mismatches of bounced audio on Cubase (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed unstable bouncing on Logic Pro when there are other active plugins with delay compensation (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed broken MIDI recording under ARA bridge connection (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed small timing mismatches between synced and local tracks during playback (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed playhead getting stuck under loop mode on REAPER (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed crashes when selecting an output folder from the Render Panel (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed a bug where the ARA plugin outputs no sound on some Cubase installations (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed synchronization issues with the time signature when the denominator is not 4 (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed stuttering playback after disabling and re-enabling the full-ARA plugin on Studio One and ABILITY (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Plugin: fixed broken Windows IME support on dialog windows and track name labels (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Plugin: fixed incorrect display of audio settings on startup (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Plugin: fixed crashes when the number of tracks exceed the channels allocated for the plugin (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Plugin: inform the host of modifications inside the plugin to fix cases of quitting the host without showing the dialog to save the project (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • MIDI: fixed shifted lyrics on certain imported MIDI files (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • File: fixed the unnecessary rerender and reset of the UI status when saving a project (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • GUI: fixed “create a new tempo/time signature marker” dialog not being shown when right-clicking/double-clicking certain locations on the time axis bar (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • GUI: fixed crashes on Linux during startup and during Vocal Mode editing (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • GUI: fixed Arrangement Panel/Piano Roll not remembering their heights when closing and opening the software again (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Piano Roll: fixed the inability to select a note with Shift+Click when starting from an empty selection (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Piano Roll: fixed the inability to re-select a note after repeated selection-and-deselection while holding Ctrl/Command (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Piano Roll: fixed the issue that deleting all notes from a note group causes the note group unable to be selected again, by setting a minimal length of one quarter beat for note groups (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Auto-Process: fixed the unexpected reset of pitch properties of the surrounding notes when switching from Manual to Sing mode (Update from 1.11.0b2).
  • Auto-Process: fixed crashes when aborting Voice-to-MIDI conversion (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: fixed stuttering playback on Logic Pro when playing with pre-roll (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: fixed an audio routing bug introduced in 1.11.0b3 causing the last track not being included in the multi-track output (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: fixed crashes when resetting a time selection in REAPER (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Plugin: fixed crashes when changing the focus from other applications to the dialog windows in Synthesizer V Studio Plugin on Apple Silicon (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed issues with opening projects created in 1.11.0b1 and 1.11.0b2 in REAPER (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed the Transport menu commands “Seek to Beginning / End / Measure” having no effect on the host’s playback (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed an issue where deleted tracks reappeared after removing the ARA plugin, reloading the project, and reattaching the ARA plugin in Studio One (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed audio stuttering during bouncing on ABILITY 5 (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • GUI: on macOS, fixed display of “Command” shortcuts as “Ctrl” in the Settings panel (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • GUI: fixed the disappearing scrollbar under “Installed Versions” in the License and Updates panel (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • GUI: fixed font errors in the context menu on macOS (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • GUI: added a workaround to laggy playhead display on macOS Sonoma 14.3 (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • GUI: fixed auto-update dialog not appearing at startup on some systems (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Render Panel: fixed a bug causing muted tracks not completely muted in the bounced audio (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Settings Panel: fixed the inability to save and override the previous settings when settings.xml is corrupted (Update from 1.11.0b3).
  • Scripting: fixed crashes caused by Lua script errors (Update from 1.11.0b3).