Vocoflex EULA

Vocoflex (Beta) End-User License Agreement

This End-User License Agreement (“this Agreement”) is available in multiple language versions. In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the Japanese version and other language versions, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Please read this Agreement before using this software. This document is an agreement between you (“user” or “you”) and Dreamtonics Co., Ltd and its affiliates ( “Dreamtonics”, “we” or “us”). By using this software, you agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth herein. If you do not agree to all or part of the terms of this document, Dreamtonics will not grant you a license to use this software.

  1. We license to the user the use of this software on the condition that the user complies in good faith with this Agreement.
  2. We may change the content of this Agreement without prior notice to the user.
  3. For the utilization of paid contents and services, please refer to the webpage specified by us or the webpage specified by a third party. Minors must obtain the consent of their legal guardian before purchasing paid content or services.
  4. Although this software does not require internet access to operate, occasional internet communication may occur during its use. In such cases, your telecommunications provider may charge you separately.
  5. In the event that you are given an account or password by us, you shall handle the credentials with care and you shall not disclose or share it with a third party. We are not responsible for damages caused by inadequate management of accounts and passwords, malpractices in the usage, or any usage by a third party.
  6. The user must not take any measure, such as reverse engineering, reverse compilation, or reverse assemble, etc. that result in the extraction of information such as basic concepts, structure, and source code for this software/algorithm. The user must not attempt to bypass the copyright protection technology and technical limitations of the software.
  7. The copyright, including the right to edit all or part of the works related to this software, is reserved by us or the third parties from which we have obtained licenses.
  8. The license granted by us to the user allows the software to be installed only on one computer. The user shall not install the software on multiple computers with a single license.
  9. You may transfer the software to another computer without obtaining a new license. However, you must delete the software completely from any computer on which it is already installed.
  10. This software is a tool for processing and modifying human voices. You may use the voices processed by this software at no additional cost. However, you are solely responsible for ensuring that the use of processed voices complies with all applicable laws and does not infringe upon the rights of third parties. We disclaim any liability for your use of processed voices that violates any legal standards.
  11. Voices processed by this software must not be used for training machine learning models.
  12. To uphold our social responsibility and ethical standards, this software applies an implicit watermark to all voices processed. This watermark uniquely identifies the software user in any continuous 10-second segment of the processed voice content, without affecting the voice quality. In instances where voices processed by this software are implicated in complaints of infringement, used for illegal activities, or involved in other circumstances necessitating cooperation based on legal requirements or our ethical commitments, we reserve the right to disclose, without the user’s consent, the watermark-embedded identification information to complainants, judicial authorities, or other relevant parties. This disclosure may be made free of charge or for a fee and does not constitute a violation of your rights. However, modifications to the processed voices may impair the detectability and readability of the watermark. We do not guarantee that the watermark will be identifiable or readable post-modification.
  13. This software must not be used to replicate a specific human voice without authorization, except for strictly private purposes such as personal entertainment or entertainment shared privately among specific individuals. You must ensure that these replicated voices are not disclosed directly or indirectly to the public and do not infringe upon the rights of the individuals whose voices are replicated.
  14. You are permitted to use the plug-ins provided by this software as designed for specific applications without additional permissions. However, if you intend to embed or integrate this software or any of its components into other software for commercial purposes beyond the provided plug-ins, please contact us for authorization. Unauthorized embedding or integration for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  15. When using the software, you must not engage in, nor facilitate, any of the following actions:
    1. Falsification of information used in the software.
    2. Engaging in activities that infringe, or could potentially infringe the copyrights of this software or any third party.
    3. Replicating another person's voice and publicly releasing it without their permission.
    4. Using replicated voices for illegal purposes.
    5. Sending or creating harmful computer programs.
    6. Slandering or defaming us or any third party.
    7. Engaging in actions that violate, or could potentially violate someone’s privacy.
    8. Engaging in or distributing content that is against public order and morals, including obscene materials.
    9. Interfering with the operation or use of this software.
    10. Any other actions that violate or may violate the law.
  16. We may change all or part of the contents of the software without prior notice to you.
  17. For operational or technical reasons, we may temporarily suspend or restrict the use of the software without notice to you. For the same reason, the provision of the software may be delayed.
  18. Please note that you may not be able to use this software properly due to the communication environment, your computer specifications, or other reasons.
  19. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content generated or the accuracy of the information provided by this software. We may place advertisements and promotions on some of the services.
  20. Advertisements and promotions may appear in parts of the software. Advertising and promotion may include hyperlinks to websites or information sources, but we have no responsibility for any advertisements, products, etc. on or available from such websites or information sources. No warranty is given for any information.
  21. We will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the user in using this software.
  22. This agreement between us and you shall be terminated if any of the following items apply.
    1. When you stop using this software.
    2. Up to 30 days after the release of a new major version of this software.
    3. When you purchase a new major version of the software and a new contract is signed.
    4. When a breach of contract is applied.
    5. Until 30 days after notice of discontinuation of this software.
    6. If we give notice of the termination of this Agreement.
  23. Upon termination of this Agreement, you must destroy the products and all copies in your possession. Clause 6, 24 and 25 in this Agreement shall remain in effect even if this Agreement is terminated.
  24. By accepting our invitation, installing, and using the beta version of this software, you agree to the following conditions:
    1. We will collect information about your computer’s operating system, runtime environment, and usage data of this beta software for analysis and improvement purposes. This data will be automatically transmitted to Dreamtonics servers without requiring additional permission from you once you begin using the beta software.
    2. Any personal information collected during the beta testing period will be managed in strict accordance with our privacy policy.
    3. We do not guarantee that data edited or saved in this beta version will be usable or retrievable after the beta testing period ends.
    4. You are prohibited from disclosing any specifications, technical information, or flaws identified in the beta version to any third party outside of Dreamtonics, unless such information has been publicly released by Dreamtonics.
    5. Should we grant you permission to disclose specific information, you may do so under the conditions specified by us.
    6. Unless otherwise specified, you must clearly indicate the use of this beta software in any case samples or outputs generated by this software that are disclosed.
    7. Unless otherwise specified, you are prohibited from using this beta version of the software and any voices processed through it for commercial purposes.
  25. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into in Japan, and any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Japan. The user agrees that claims asserted in legal proceedings by either party against the other party shall be commenced and continued in the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan. If any provision of this Agreement is found unenforceable by a court or other adjudicatory body in any jurisdiction, such provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Copyright (C) 2024 Dreamtonics Co., Ltd.