Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.2b2 Update

Dreamtonics releases Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.2b2, the first version to support Pro Tools.


Version 1.11.2 focuses on improving Synthesizer V’s DAW integration features. The first beta released in June 2024 added playback and tempo synchronization with FL Studio. In this second beta, an AAX version of Synthesizer V Studio Plugin is introduced, allowing users to access Synthesizer V Studio directly inside Pro Tools.


In addition to the new AAX plugin, version 1.11.2b2 also presents fixes for issues discovered in the previous beta as well as the 1.11.0 release.


Notes on the AAX Plugin


The AAX version of Synthesizer V Studio Plugin provides the same functionality as VST3/AU instrument plugins. Playback can be synchronized from Pro Tools to Synthesizer V Studio. However, features that require ARA capabilities, such as plugin-to-host playback synchronization and tempo synchronization, are not available in the current version.


How to Access the New Release


Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.2b2

1.11.2b2 is a beta version. Beta releases of Synthesizer V Studio are offered before the final release for early preview of new features. Before installing and using a beta version, please understand that:


  • The beta version is still a work in progress.
  • The beta version may not function properly as described.
  • Unexpected behaviors may happen while using the beta version.


You can access the beta versions for Synthesizer V Studio through the download page.


See below for detailed release notes.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.2b2 (Jul 11, 2024)


New Features

  • Plugin: added support for tempo and plugin-to-host playback synchronization when working inside FL Studio 2024.1 and above. (only for Pro edition, VST only)
  • Plugin: new AAX plugin for Pro Tools. (only for Pro edition) (Update from 1.11.2b1)


Feature Enhancements

  • Linguistics: improved Spanish phoneme conversion. (Update from 1.11.2b1)


Behavior Changes

  • Plugin: re-enabled plugin window resizing on Logic Pro for macOS Sonoma 14.2 and later. * Resizing was disabled due to a macOS bug causing all keystrokes to be bypassed after resizing the window. We decided to re-enable resizing upon the confirmation that the issue was resolved on macOS Sonoma.


Bug Fixes

  • Synthesizer V Engine: fixed crashes when running standard voice databases natively on Apple Silicon.
  • Arrangement: fixed the inability to multi-select note groups across tracks.
  • GUI: fixed the unresponsive collapse/reveal button on the Arrangement panel after closing the program with the Arrangement panel collapsed and relaunching the program.
  • License and Updates Panel: fixed product item’s status getting stuck at “Updating…” after canceling an update.
  • Parameter Panel: fixed darkened line color when drawing with line tool on an empty parameter.
  • Playback: fixed the offsetted loop range after changing the tempo. (Update from 1.11.2b1)
  • Plugin: since version 1.11.0, the status of ARA Bridge and later introduced FL Studio Link are not saved when closing the host project, causing manually set tempo to be overwritten after reopening the project. This behavior has been corrected. (Update from 1.11.2b1)
  • Plugin: on Logic Pro, fixed the misdetection of ARA Bridge despite that no ARA plugin has been loaded. (Update from 1.11.2b1)
  • Plugin: fix crashes when mistakenly loading the ARA plugin as an instrument. (Update from 1.11.2b1)