New Synthesizer V AI voices released: Yuma and Natalie

Dreametonics has released two new voice databases, “Synthesizer V AI Yuma” and “Synthesizer V AI Natalie”, available for purchase on Dreamtonics Store and AHS Store from October 7, 2022 at 15:00 Japan time.


About Synthesizer V AI Yuma

Synthesizer V AI Yuma is a masculine Japanese database with a young, fresh texture and an androgynous voice. With a powerful yet clear voice in the mid to high range, it excels at convincing singing that can handle everything from bright and energetic tunes to hard, gothic pop styles. In the lower mid-range, his unique breathiness reveals a different side of his voice with a more shadowy quality.


About Synthesizer V AI Natalie

Synthesizer V AI Natalie is a feminine English database with a soft and clear voice, but with rich expressions in the mid range. It is suitable for easy listening as well as musics with strong backing tracks such as EDM. The natural and smooth falsetto in the high range is also an attractive feature.


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