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Dreamtonics specializes in computer music
and speech technologies.

Dreamtonics is a Tokyo-based startup specializing in electronic music and voice technology. We build and provide the best music software to meet your creativity needs.
For corporate customers, we also provide services such as technology licensing and artificial voice creation.



Think Deeper

Dreamtonics is a compact, multi-lingual team of experienced engineers who are also music lovers. Instead of building our product on top of conventional patterns, we began with the realization that music software can be made much better if given a deeper thought about how users will actually use the software.

Independence, patience and dedication are what it takes to make a difference. Being a small team, we tackle problems that large corporates can't efficiently solve. We iterate rapidly on ideas and develop them into usable products.

Many startups place product launch and growth in the top priority. We believe things work the other way around. We prefer taking reasonable risks and building quality software over rushing to the finish line. This philosophy combined with the latest software engineering practices is what guides us towards a long-term success, a line up of high quality products everyone likes.


Company Name Dreamtonics Co., Ltd.
Reprensentative Kanru Hua
Incorporation February 2019
Location 2F CROSS-C Akihabara Building. 4-7-11 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City,
Tokyo 101-0021.
Contact inquiry@dreamtonics.com
Business Activities Software development (music and audio tech focused) /
technology licensing / Artificial voice creation as a service
Products Synthesizer V Studio (for consumers) /
Synthesizer V Engine SDK (for businesses)